Dragons, engagements and daring escapades. The beauty of fiction fictions is that they can take you to other worlds, but what if you could live in another realm every day? Well, Oregon artist and home developer Ed Bemis managed to fix that probable. Folded apart in the foothills of Ashland, Oregon sits Shining Hand Ranch, a fanciful dwelling that is so detailed it is fit for royalty from your favorite book.

This dream home was absolutely custom created by local creators and incorporates eco-friendly features. The space is heated and cooled with the use of geothermal power with a solar hot consortium. Intricate, hand-made cases are the cornerstone of what builds this home unique. Bemis wasted 1 1/2 times alone carving the Brazilian mahogany bridged front entrance. The 8,881 -square-foot property spans across 706 -acres, enough room to keep your dragon on. Bored Panda has your virtual photo expedition of Glistening Hand below, and if you $7,600, 000 to spare all of this is perhaps yours!

Welcome to the esoteric province of Glinting Hand Ranch

It was patronage designed with the help of numerous regional designers

It took artist Ed Bemis 1 1/2 years precisely to carve this intricate door

It’s all in the details, maple and cherry-red floors give the apparition of a spurting stream

This elaborate staircase was etched from manzanita sprigs( indigenous tree)

Artists incorporated lots of native imagery into the design details

Fire And Ice style mosaic dragons are one of the most intricate mansion features

The bathroom is decked out with blue-blooded Van Gogh granite

Large open openings look-out onto Mount Ashland, Taowhywee Point, Wagner Butte, Mount Shasta, and Pilot Roc

Geothermal energy heats-up the consortium, housed in a separate building

Would you live here with your dragons?

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