Tear down the walls and “youve never” know what you’ll find.

Alex and Jess Monney were in the middle of remodeling their lavatory when they discovered a memo left by the previous homeowner, who ameliorated the area in the summer of 1995.

“Hi! We’re the Shinsekis! We remodeled this bathroom summer 1995, ” the observe speaks. “If you’re speaking this, that means you’re remodeling the shower again. What’s erroneous with the acces we did it? “

Damn, the Shinsekis don’t mess around.

Along with the memo, the Shinsekis included a photo of themselves, together with a photo of their potty-trained domesticated rabbit listed Cassie.

“Hi! I’m Cassie the Bunny Rabbit. I lived here too!( I’m potty improved ), ” a observe next to a photo of the bunny reads.

“I’m going to be the next Cadbury Bunny, ” another textbook bubble says.

In the HGTV driven-society we live in today, naturally people wanted to see what the lavatory looked like, peculiarly to review the Shinseki family questioned the future owners what was wrong with their mid ‘9 0s remodel.

They delivered, and wow we are to be able agree this bathroom screams 1995, and it was clearly the best choice to remodel.

Of course, internet snoops went to work, and attempted to find the Shinseki family. A being with the same last name commented on the strand, claiming the man in the photo was his youngest brother.

Alex confirmed to Mashable that he has talked to some members of the Shinseki family, but are still to fix contact with the previous homeowner.

Regardless of the mystery set up by the Shinsekis, people were also blown away with Cassie, the potty-trained rabbit.

Others shared thoughts they have found behind walls in their own remodels.

We’ll update this upright if we discover any additional details.

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