The goatpocalypse is upon us.

At least, that’s how it probably feelings in one Boise neighborhood where dozens of goats were found simply kinda roaming and feeding on the well-manicured lawns.

The horror. The cute horror.

The goats apparently belonged to a company that payments goats for lawn gobbling services and escaped from their pin.

KTVB’s Joe Parris captured the munching perils early Friday morning, passing “the worlds” one last-place glimpse of Boise before nothing is left.

Already, it’s been pointed out that the warning signs were there. We just discounted them until it was too late.

But even in the face of such terror, Twitter did what it does best: become with the jokes.

Eventually, all good events come to an end, though, as did these goats’ adventure. But for those working few hours, the goats ultimately knew free; they smacked it like so many delicious aluminum cans.

And then, it was gone.

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