Want to know how to quit Facebook but keep your photos, tighten your Amazon public sketch, search for TV restaurants and find free audiobooks? Then read this column.

My Amazon Public Profile

Q: Did you say we have public profiles on Amazon like a social media report? I had no idea. How do I see it? How do I remove that?

A: The short answer is yes, you do have a public chart on Amazon, and it is a great deal like a social media accounting. You agreed to this when you signed up. The theme makes a lot of appreciation; if you have a profile that friends and loved ones can access, they can buy intelligent gifts for you. Amazon has other little-known gives that may alarm you, and your patronize event will be much more comforting once you change them. Tap or click here for five Amazon prepares you should change now.

Quit Facebook But Keep My Photos

Q: I want to quit Facebook. Is there a path to download all my photos?

A: You aren’t alone. Nonetheless, there are a few reasonableness parties hesitate before interrupting their notes: they wonder how they will keep in touch with pals and loved ones. They fear “missing out” on major events, like nuptials, babies, and even funerals. Lastly, they worry about “losing ones” photos, which typify so many rememberings. Over the years, Facebook users may upload hundreds or even thousands of portraits to their accounts, and it’s difficult to imagine losing these forever. Naturally, Facebook doesn’t want you to abandon their service, so they don’t make any kind of termination easy. Now, there is a way to download all your photos and store them on your computer or gloom. Tap or please click here to download all photos from Facebook.

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