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Clearly there’s no vetting process at the New York Times, or else conduct at the newspaper is exactly foolish enough to think that no one will look at new employees’ social media records.

The Times precisely announced Wednesday that it has hired onetime Verge tech writer Sarah Jeong for its editorial council. Problem is, the 30 -year-old has a very controversial Twitter account with some very nasty and abhorrent tweets directed at white people. Various Twitter customers captivated screenshots of the offensively prejudiced rhetoric from Jeong, before she aptly removed the tweets( hat tip to Twitchy ):

As you can see, this wasn’t only a one-off correct. There are around a dozen tweets and retweets from the millennial where she declares how much she dislikes white people, writing situations like: “Dumbass f—— white people differentiating up the internet with their opinions like pups pee-pee on fire hydrants” and “Oh man, it’s various kinds of sick how much rapture I get out of being grievou to old-time white-hot men.”

Besides comparing white people to “dogs pissing on fire hydrants, ” she also called them “groveling goblins, ” and claimed it was her “plan” that white people start “extinct.”

What a pearl! With insightful tweets like that it’s no wonder The Times experienced her a must-have employee.

The Jeong hire comes after the newspaper got into hot waterearlier this year, when prejudiced and homophobic tweets from new sentiment novelist Quinn Norton resurfaced. She was fired just a few hours later.

Could the backlash will thrust the working papers to do the same with Jeong?

The Times responded Thursday afternoon to the disapproval of Jeong by actually defending the present decision, laughably claiming that Jeong was simply trying to reflect the types of rhetoric she faced online. Virtually The New York Times apologized her racist tweets( see below ):