Prizes of up to PS1, 000 are up for grabs at Great British Hack-Off summertime fete hackathon, an affair to take in order to supercharge the campaign to lobby for a’ people’s referendum’ on Brexit with the option to remain in the EU.

The event is aimed at architects, decorators, UX experts, data scientists, social media influencers and experts. Anyone interested can apply to attend the event via this form .

In a 2-day intense, overnight “hackathon” on the weekend of July 21 -2 2, the aim will be to connect beings with their decision makers and MPs about their concerns for jobs, service and its national economy, and put pressure on MPs to back
‘ people’s poll’ abusing democratic tech tools.

The event is being held by Tech For UK( Twitter, Hashtag :# GBhackoff, Instagram,
Facebook) the tech industry figure and anti-Brexit radical Best For Britain.

There will be a PS1, 000 first prize for the best make generated by a unit, and a PS500 second prize for the second-placed crew. Participants will likewise get exclusive product like T-shirts. All concoctions will need to be open beginning and is also available developed afterward with other marketers by Best For Britain.

Tech For UK says the ultimate goal will be to engage the tech society to cure Best for Britain connect people in local communities to the information they need on Brexit and, in turn, connect them to their decision makers and MPs. Attendees to the Hackathon will also be able to work on their own projects and ideas related to Brexit.

Tech For UK says this will be the first incident in a series, to be continued at other municipals around the UK , not just in London.

Structured like a “Hackathon” it will be held at a center London venue, bringing together engineers, designers, storytellers, purveyors, data scientists, designers, masters, journalists/ PR/ media people, analytics experts and social media influencers to work on these problems.

Participants will be selected from employments and dedicated full directions about the event.

There will be capacity for 100 beings and the opportunity to stay over-night at the hackathon. Food and beverages will be provided. The phenomenon will be an’ 18 s and over’ event.

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