Siiiiiiick, but like, in a good way .

Image: JOSEPH EID/ getty

Nothing cruels a good soften like sick buds. Thankfully, you are able to one day be an app for that.

Hidden from the hazy Friday afternoon of Las Vegas, tucked away in the basement of the Flamingo casino, a group of likeminded hackers and safety investigates gathered to explore “DIY cannabis tech” at DEF CON’s Cannabis Village. One investigate including with regard to, Harry Moreno, told the preferably laid-back multitude that he believed that machine learning could one day solve a huge problem for home-grow addicts: assess whether or not, and in what faculty, a smoke weed is sick.

That’s right, he’s using machine learning to build a classification tool for weed.

Taking insight from computer scientists at Stanford who taught AI to distinguish surface cancer, Moreno figured he could do something similar for weed. Enter, an internet site which, in its current form, allows you to upload a picture of your buds and get a health score back.

“Chronic sickness is a project to create a human-level diagnosis tool for Cannabis bushes, ” speaks an explainer on his site.

We ranged a picture of smokes through Chronic Sickness, precisely the Getty photo above, and received — with a. 81 confidence elevation — the very best story: That bud is healthy.

That Getty image weed pictured above is certified dank.

Image: screenshot/ chronic sickness

Right now the Chronic Sickness model only works with 80 percentage accuracy, but Moreno condemns that on the dimensions of the his schooling dataset — he only started with 3,000 portraits. One era, he told the crowd, he hopes his prototype will not only be able to tell if a flower is sick but what specifically is the sickness in question.

You get mold? How about spider tinges? Chronic Sickness will hopefully be able to answer those burning questions.

Monero foresees someone in a field or a vault simply snapping a picture of their plant with a smartphone, uploading that photo to, and get a diagnosis back in seconds.

“Let’s make a free predictive modeling for cannabis infection, ” he prayed those collected. And if anyone in attendance just so happened to have a huge dataset of labeled marijuana photos, well, Moreno very much wanted to speak with you.

After all, Monero can’t do this alone. Changing the action we diagnose sick smoke flowers for the betterment of stoner humanity takes a( cannabis) village.

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